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Requests are extremely appreciated, our team will do our best to serve all inquiries.  I understand there is an application fee to schedule this Exploration Call to discover my speaking path and equip me with a comprehensive plan of action for next steps -- whether you enroll or not, you will have a plan of action!

Your Exploration Call will get you ready to be on stages across the country - Virtually or LIVE!
The application fee of $59.00 covers the handling of information, time allocation and other administrative actions. In return, you will receive up to a 45-minute comprehensive consultation call, where we will share some of the secrets found in the speaking industry in addition to exploring the possibility of working together. This fee will be applied toward a service when you enroll in one of our Speaker plans. 

➤ IMPORTANT: Speaker plans listed below include a one time set up fee of $150 and the first month's payment ONLY to Join our Luminary Leaders community.  (Marketing Consultant Agreement and Non Disclosure Agreement apply). Monthly billing will occur thereafter by the 5th of each month with automatic payments from your financial institution or credit card. 

Military Speakers & Authors and Women Lead Speakers are separate programs in partnership with Luminary Leaders, these discounted services are provided for their members only.  

Disclaimer: There is no obligation when filling out this application. Not everyone who enrolls is accepted and not everyone who is accepted joins. This is just a way to explore whether you are a good fit for this high-end speaking management service and vice versa.  

Please submit your responses below and hit the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the form. In order to protect your privacy, DO NOT EMAIL THIS FORM. This page uses 100% secure encryption to protect your sensitive information.

It is important that we receive a completed application and payment prior to confirming your Exploration Call or to enroll in our Speaker Services. 

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$150 one-time set up fee and monthly payment of $489
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$150 one-time set up fee and monthly payment of $200
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